Battle Talent Lets You Yeet Enemies Into The Sky And Float As You Beat Them Up

Battle Talent is a roguelike game where you work through dungeons and arenas, sometimes by parkouring, but primarily by fighting through hordes of enemies. With a heavy focus on physics, paired with some rather gruesome actions and inspired weaponry, this leads to a pretty visceral gaming experience for VR fans. 

For example, one of the first skills you unlock allows you to strike an enemy upwards with your melee weapons. Once up there, you can jump up to meet them, and then, as long as you’re hitting them with a melee attack frequently, you’ll hover above the ground just laying into them. If you’ve ever wanted to be Dante from Devil May Cry, Battle Talent is the closest to that you can get in virtual reality. 

You can build on that feeling too, as you get new skills and weapons as you progress with weapons eventually unlocking amazing special abilities – oh, and you can unlock magic to obliterate foes with as well. Plus, the physics allows you to load anything into your crossbow, or nearly anything. This means you can load a sword an enemy dropped into your crossbow and fire it at something or someone – return to sender, anyone?

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